PPC Campaign Management (Subscription)


Google PPC (pay per click) is a strategy in which you can bid to be added as a “Paid Ad” in Google Search Results for specific keywords.  This strategy is an amazing supplement to your Search Marketing campaign, particularly in those cases where your local keywords are highly competitive and / or when your Search Marketing Campaign is in its infancy.

Additional information

Budget Planning

Determining your monthly and annual budget is very important and ties in to your keyword planning. Depending on how competitive your market is, some keywords may be more expensive than others so determining a budget will play a fundamental role in focusing your PPC campaign

Keyword Research

Determining your core keywords is a fundamental step in the development of a Pay Per Click Campaign Strategy. You want your keyword target list to be short and focused, ensuring that your campaign spend is as efficient and effective as possible.

Landing Page Development

It’s imperative that each PPC Ad campaign have its own landing page both for relevancy conversion as well as for campaign tracking & reporting. It’s likewise just as important that the Campaign’s Landing Page be properly designed for aesthetics, responsiveness, and with an effective “Call to Action”. Let us design your campaign’s landing page to ensure that your PPC budget is converting visitors to leads

Tracking & Reporting

Using a keyword planner, The Haswell Creative team starts our pay per click campaign by finding which keywords people are most likely searching for, relative to your market, using keyword research tools provided by Google. Once we have determined our target keywords, we begin the bid process with Googles Adwords platform.