Organic & Local SEO

It is likely that someone is searching for your product or service in Google right now and they’re selecting the service providers who appear in the first page of Google’s results.

Local SEO ensures that your business is appearing in the Map of providers that Google includes in its Search Results.  Organic SEO ensures that your business is associated with those keywords specific to your services in Google’s indexing

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Keyword Research

Google will show different types of results for both of these queries and you must know how to optimize your website for these organic SEO searches. With Google changing their algorithm over 300 times a year, we recommend that you consult with a professional agency to execute your SEO campaign. Before beginning an organic SEO campaign, we complete a throughout keyword research process identifying your most valuable keywords in your market. Develomark uses industry standard tools to find keywords that make sense for your business and relevant based on keyword difficulty research. Based on your domain rating (a score of 0 – 100) we can pick keywords that give you a chance to get the ranking in the Google search engine to compete for high valuable keywords. Once the Develomark team identifies your target keywords, we will place them into a list and propose them to you before optimizing your website to do the implementation. You’ll have to approve the keywords our team handpicks before engaging in the organic SEO campaign

Content Marketing

As much as we love optimizing the OnPage Content others have created, we also love creating content for you and your SEO campaign. It’s imperative that any keyword campaign include multiple content instances of those keywords and that content needs to be optimized around those keywords.

Chances are you already know the keywords that you need your business to be associated with in order to appear on a favorable location in Google’s search results.  Combine your keyword expertise with our Onpage Optimization expertise and we’ll develop a campaign strategy to win.

Link Building

Your content is only one piece of the SEO process – to make the content shine, you need more high quality backlinks that will raise your SEO rankings. The Haswell Creative team works with a network of bloggers and likewise content creators to establish your backlink network and corresponding keyword association.  Think in terms of a pyramid wherein your website sits at the top and each pyramid level is an associated content hub, specific to your keywords, linking back to your website.


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