Technology and the internet are constantly changing and keeping up can sometimes be nerve-wracking.  Strategies change with the wind and the subject of using the right keywords can differ from one marketer to another.  Large keywords, long-tail keywords, and everything in between – which are the best to go with when you want to get on Google’s Page One?

You might be confused about whether you should use large keywords for ranking or not.  There are many who will tell you they don’t work for effective ranking.  Well, we are going to prove that is just not the case.  You can use a large keyword and join others in Google’s high ranking on page one. Another productive trick is to bring in your location. Let’s say you have a treats shop that delivers in Dallas you should incorporate “Dallas Delectable Treats” Let’s go through the steps that can transform you into a leader on the internet.

Your Large Keyword Should Be The Center Of Your Page’s Content:

If you want to grab great ranking with Google, you must start by creating a page that is centered around your large keyword.  That means your keyword must be in the title and URL so Google’s search engine can read the tags and pull that page for the results – Dallas Delectable Treats.  You do not have to write volumes, just stay around 700 words.  If you go much higher, your content is going to start sounding repetitive and boring.  You want the content to be easy for viewers to read and your message should be useful to them.  Make sure you include your keyword in other areas of the content, not just the title and URL but make sure you do not overdo it or it will not sound natural.  Add your keyword to the title of the article or page but again, make the title flow naturally.

Create your Web 2.0 And Purchased Links:

I noticed after going through all the work in my content, I was still sitting on Google’s page 3 but, I was starting to see an excellent improvement in traffic once my page was indexed.  So don’t get discouraged, just move on to the next step.  Purchase links such as guest posts, from various places including on Fiverr.  Then start building your Web 2.0s such as a WordPress blog or Tumblr to gain trust for the page you just created.  You can easily link from Web 2.0 to your page’s URL.  You might wonder if this is going to become an expensive enterprise.  Not at all, the most you will spend is around $100 for links. If you do the math you will discover that the cost is minimal in comparison the ROI payoff from the first page of results.

Next Step – Create A Video:

If you create a video around buying links, you will discover tons of viewers and those viewers will push you over the top in results from search engines.  You can then click through to your site and see what’s happening.  In one day, you can miraculously land on page one of Google’s search results!  Believe it or not, your hard work can lead to many great things including page one on Google!

Branded Searches:

People searching the internet will type in keywords to find what they are looking for and will use branded detailed searches such as Dallas Delectable Treats By Christie”. Doing so, they will be able to find the site with great results right away.  This will also let Google know the site is a relevant result for the keyword.

Internal Linking:

Once you have landed a great position on Google’s page one, you need to be able to hang on to it.  You can send internal relevancy links from other places on your site that will go directly to your Dallas Delectable Treats page. At the end of each of your blog posts, let viewers know what areas you service and then hyperlink that text to your Dallas Delectable Treats page.  Just keep in mind that your page must accept what Google wants because if they do not like it, they will drop your ranking in a heartbeat.

Competitors’ Backlinks:

Always remember your competitors will do anything possible to bring you down.  If you get spam backlinks, you can disclaim these spam backlinks from your competitors in Ahrefs (the newest entry into link research) and upload the text file into Google Search Console, resolving the problem.  From that point on, keep up with what’s going on and hold on to your number one spot!

Google’s TV Segment Effect:

Let’s face it, everything sits in a level of popularity.  The TV is probably the most popular venue and while millions of viewers are watching a show, the more products and ads they are selling.  If you notice, the ads run on one particular show might vary greatly from another show.  That’s because the advertisers are playing to a particular audience.  Well Google TV works the same way.  You can tell your audience you are creating new and valuable content and they should keep their eyes open for it.  When people want to find it, they will search in Google, giving you a higher reach.  If your audience is searching and then they click through to your site for that content, Google will reward you because you have valuable content that viewers are obviously interested in and it’s engaging which will boost you in SERPs.