There are several very large companies that are starting to go green along with some industries including the data server industry.  They are starting to open their eyes and see the advantages of operating in an eco-friendly manner.

For some time now, data storage has been seen as a green solution vs paper-based record keeping.  That said, they should still stay focused on operating in a conscious manner to improve the environment.  There are growing numbers of dead server operators who now realize that there are many ways to reduce the environmental footprint.

About Carbon Footprint Data & The Importance of Green Solutions:

Almost 2% of all CO2 emissions have been caused by the Internet, therefore, it really is important to have a realistic idea about carbon footprints left by servers.  You should also add data centers to the mix, making that figure even higher.

A few years back, the Christian Science Monitor noticed the increased transition to green.  They also said that large data centers are also taking steps to go green.

• Big data centers are focusing on new ways to improve energy efficiency.

• They are trying to power their servers with renewable energy.

Switch is a large cloud-based business that runs 3 of the 10 largest data centers in the entire world. Recently, they said they will develop a solar-powered hub in Nevada.  It will be the largest solar-powered data center anywhere in the world, with the exception of those based in China.

There are also many tech giants that are promising to go green with their data storage.  Some have promised to power their servers 100% off renewable energy within the next 10 years.  Although this might be a pretty big promise,  they might just be able to pull it off.

Director of Data Centers at Eaton, John Collins, told the Christian Science Monitor that many of these changes are quite impressive and this could play a significant role in their commitment to sustainability.

As early as 10 years ago, the focus was on trying to improve the reliability of data centers and getting it down to a science, but now, they are focusing on sustainability.  Companies are upgrading their lighting systems by going with LED lighting systems which have saved a lot of energy over the past couple of years.  There has also been a lot of focus on efficiency improvements and reducing the amount of wasted energy.

While progress has been notable and impressive, data storage operators must develop a more comprehensive ability to live up to their promises.  According to an expert at Free-R Undeleted, they need to take a look at the framework of their data servers.  They must review the process in which data is recovered on the servers.  Backup servers must also be developed to become as green as possible.

Many of these companies are using data storage centers in other countries and they will have to make solid attempts to improve the energy efficiency of those servers as well.  While they want to make significant improvements and contributions to the environment, they also want the recognition that comes with it.  Customers are fully aware of the servers that are used throughout the world and will hold companies and organizations accountable if they do not live up to their promises for green energy.

Going Green Has Become A Top Priority:

Focusing on green energy has increased over the past year and this has extended to data storage facilities around the entire world.  It will be the responsibility of data servers to take the right measures to live up to the promises they have made and implement them over the months ahead of us.